Can you finish this story for homework?

The Unfinished Story…

Tearful, Daniel stumbled into the empty attic library. The floorboards creaked as he waltzed alone, dancing out of the shadows into the sunlight. Abruptly, he paused. There by the dark fireplace lay a dusty old book. Picking it up, he blew the dust off and saw the title. Gasping, he dropped it!

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31 thoughts on “Can you finish this story for homework?

  1. Tearful, Daniel blundered into the aged attic libary.The attic felt damp and fusty, nothing like the cosy living room downstairs. The floorboards creaked at every step he took. Abrubtly, he paused. In the corner of his eye, he spotted a dusty, ancient book. Daniel just knew that there was something about this book. Picking it up, he blew the dust off and saw the cover. Gasp.Within a second, he dropped it. He stood there on the spot, staring at the ancient book on the floor. Or was it staring at him? As quick as a flash, Daniel shot downstairs and sat himself down infront of the fireplace. He had so much questions in his head, he felt as if his head would explode like a firework.”Is that the style of the book?” Daniel thought, “Surely its not.” That night, Daniel snook back up into the attic. It was the same, just how he left it earlier however, there was a noise. A scratching sound. Maybe it was just some mice? Or birds? Y’know, something like that. Daniel switched his torch on, making a luminous glow around the attic. He was stumbling around until… “Oof” Daniel tripped over something.What was this? He shone the torch on it. It was the book. This time, he fell to the to the ground with a great big thud. He felt a pang of pain in his leg, like something had bit him. As he rubbed his leg, he felt something wet. He shone the torch on his hand, then his leg. Blood.It’s a book? How could it do this? (This was no ordinary book!) He trembled into the bathroom, checking his leg. He’s been bitten alright! Thats for sure. He sorts the bite out and climb’s into bed.

    The next day..
    Today Daniel was up bright and early although, he didnt tell his mum about anything that had happened last night. It was raining outside, not good weather for going out. So Daniel got ready, played on his x-box 360 and just did normal boy stuff. Later on around lunch time he decided to write a blog about this weird book (only for himselft to read though.) Before dinner, Daniel went up to the attic while you could see things (without a torch!) Slowly, He climbed up the ladder to the attic and peered around. He found the book and noticed it had beady black eyes and razor sharp teeth (That explained the bite!) Day after day, he checked the attic, it looked more like a monster everyday! One day, Daniel tried to open the book but failed. Eventually, he got it open. This wasnt such a good idea. He started sinking into a huge jet-black hole. Screaming.Shouting. He shreiked for his mum, dad, sister, anyone to come and help him. His mum came rushing in. But she was to late. Nobody to be seen. Just the monsterous book laying on the floor…

    By Kaylee.

  2. He could just make out what it said in the peeling gold letters,100 ways to cook a child. Who on earth would write a book like that,let alone bye one?Wait,it could have just been a trick of the light,it mighnt of said 100 ways to cook chilli?With shaking hands,he bent down and picked it back up.He looked at the title.There was no mistaking what it said. What was a book like this doing up here enyway?Slowly,he opened the ancient cover.In the index,he saw recipes like eye ball soup,ear cookies and feet and fingers.He gently turned the fragil pages.Without warnig,a voice behind him wispered”Do you think you should be reading that?”He dropped the book,which made a oud thud,with a start.
    “Who said that?”Daniel asked.
    “Us!”answered a second voice.Out of the shadows steped four evil looking witchs.”Come on now,don’t be scared little boy!”the thired one said with a evil grin.
    “Yeah,you can trust us!”add the last one.They all closed in on him…

  3. Tearful, Daniel stumbled aimlessly into the bare, ancient attic library. The creaking floorboards groaned as he staggerd alone , dancing out of the charcole black shadows into the gleaming rays of sunlight. Abruptly, he paused there by the pitch black fireplace there was a dilapidated , neglected old novel. Picking it up, he blew off the thick layer off dust therefore seeing the aged title. Gasping, he dropped it! It was the creepy title wich made him drop it.It was called …….”RELEASED”…….. Daniel arkwadly open the book then.out of konw were came a jet black ghost wich allmost instantly appeared it started to glide towards me I was doomed……..

    BY justin.f

  4. Tearful, Daniel blundered into the gloomy attic library. The floorboards creaked as he tip-toed along, prancing out of the shadows into the misty rays of sunlight creeping into the room. Abruptly, he paused ; something had caught is eye. There by the dark, murky fireplace – which could no longer be lit – lay a dusty, decrepit book.A wave of curiosity rushed over him. Carefully picking it up, he wafted the dust off and saw the title. Gulp. With a loud “CLONK” the book fell to the floor. His face stricken with horror, he sprinted down to the entrance and leapt down the ladder. He lay stiff with shock on his bed, questions exploded in his head like fireworks. He wanted to go and tell his family but he kew they wouldn’t understand and he knew that he would only be able to utter inarticulate sounds. What was he going to do? Not knowing what to do, Daniel stood up and paced around the room, heart racing.

    In the middle of the night, when everything was as stiller than a brick, he climbed out of his cosy bed and crept to the ladder, clutching a torch. Cautiously, Daniel climbed up the ladder. Once up and standing inside the attic, he switched on the torch, a luminous, glowy beam of light shone out. Scanning the room he saw, right infront of him, the monstrous, perilous object. Grabbing, a near by long piece of metal he prodded the at book. Flash . A flicker of light illuminated the room and then quickly faded. How peculiar Daniel thought. Prod. There it was again. And again. Without warning, an ear-splitting high pitched noise filled Daniels ears : time flashed before his eyes like he was stuck in a whirlpool of thing that had happend or what was going to happen. His eyes welled up with tears, as loud as he could manage he bellowed for his family, begging and pleading for them to come for his needs. Woosh. Daniel landed on the damp floor, he stared around. Where was he….?

    Wham. His eyes shot open and he let a sigh of relief as he saw before him his own room, smelt the homely smell of his room. he ran to see if there was a book in the attic. No book.
    “mum?” Daniel said wearily
    “Whats the matter darling?”
    “Nothing.” smiled Daniel. He was just glad it was just a nightmare…

  5. Tearful, Daniel stumbled into the empty attic library. The attic was dusty, gloomy and damp not cosy or warm not likes he’s bedroom stuffed downstairs far away from the attic. The floorboards creaked with every step he made, he waltzed alone, dancing out of the shadows into the light, what came from the candles placed safely in a stand covered in spider webs. Abruptly, he paused. There by the dark, unlit fireplace laid a dusty old spells book. Picking it up, he blew the dust off and saw the luminous title. Gasping, he dropped it!Daniel heard a rumble at the over side of the room. Rushing towards the door (the only exit), centimetres away ready to turn the doorknob. “OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE” shriek Daniel hoping someone was there .Waiting for a respond, Daniel started looking for the enchanted book of spells… Was there someone on the other side holding the door shut or was there something happing. Reaching for the book, stretching as much as he could. His finders just touching the book, got it . Holding the book the door opened.
    Was this meant to happen, was I supposed to find this book, leaving the attic with the book in his hand the door banged shut…..
    From Abbey

    P.S Miss Tilbury I’ve forgotten my Education City pass in my tray. I’ve only done this homework. Sorry!

  6. Tearful, Daniel stumbled into the empty attic library. The floorboards creaked as he waltzed alone, dancing out of the shadows into the sunlight. Abruptly, he paused. There by the dark fireplace lay a dusty old book. Picking it up, he blew the dust off and saw the title. Gasping, he dropped it!

    “What the flip was that?” he said aloud to himself. The picture on the front of the book moved, I swear it did. No I must be seeing things, a trick of the light, yes thats it, he thought. He cautiosley walks backs to the aincent, lether bound book and slowley twists it over. Suddenly a clawed hand shoots out through the picture on the book and drags him into the book!

    He’s falling down a big hole, fast! He grabs hold of the hand that’s holding him, trying to pull free but it wont budge. Suddenly everything stops. Opening his eyes he looks around but can’t see anything, its pitch black. Frozen on the spot, he darent breath afraid that whatever grabbed him would pounce on him any minute.

    After what seem hours he started to creep round the dark collosel space until he saw the light he ran and he ran to the exit. suddenly he stoped stiff daniel realised hewas at a top of a mountain in a frosty cave. He heard a loud groul from behind, he shot round to see a giant man with fur all over. He realised it was a aincent mountain , frost troll! The troll swung its arms at daniel it hit daniel and threw the air to the wall. When daniel opened his eyes he saw a giant hole and the troll resting on a rock knawing on bone of what looks like humans. When daniel got a chance to jump throuh the portal. He ran and jumped into it. In a flash he shot into his attic and kics the book to the end of the attic and locks it into a chest and throws the key away and actslike its all over or is it

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